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2019 Mini Soccer Festival
August 10th
U5/U6 Game 1 Field A Orange vs Red 10:00
U5/U6 Game 2 Field B Blue vs Silver 10:00
U5/U6 Game 3 Field A Yellow vs Green 11:15
U5/U6 Game 4 Field B Orange vs Blue 11:15
U5/U6 Game 5 Field A Yellow vs Red 12:30
U5/U6 Game 6 Field B Silver vs Green 12:30
U8 Game 1 U8 GT Silver vs GT Teal 10:00
U8 Game 2 U8 GT Royal vs GT Orange 10:50
U8 Game 3 U8 GT Silver vs GT Orange 12:15
U8 Game 4 U8 GT Teal vs GT Royal 1:15
U10 Game 1 U10 WN Police vs Don's Butcher Shop 10:00
U10 Game 2 U10 Tremblay GM vs Jean-Marc Bakery 10:55
U10 Game 3 U10 WN Police vs Tremblay GM 12:30
U10 Game 4 U10 Don's Butcher Shop vs Jean-Marc Bakery 1:30
All games will be played at Soccer 1 and Soccer 2 (Demers St. and Riverfront Dr.)
Mini Kickers - Festival Play Day will be at  12PM
U6 games will be 15 min halves with a 5 minute half time break
U6 games will consist of only games for the mini festival, there will be no practices 
before the games.
U8 games will be 20 min halves with a 5 minute half time break
U10 games will be 20 min halves with a 5 minute half time break
All medals will be available for pick up by the coaches, at the medal/prize tent after the 
completion of the first game.
Coaches please drop off equipment beside the food tent.
***In the event of unplayable field conditions, the alternate date will be August 11th***

Mini Kickers

U5/U6 TimBit Tim Hortons

U8 Giant Tiger

U10 Mixed

U12 Boys

U14 Boys

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