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Updated 2015


Rule 1  Registration & Eligibility   

                1.1               The Club will be responsible for the registration of players.
                1.2               A player must be registered two (2) business days before his/her first game to be eligible to play.
                1.3               A new player must be signed by a team twenty-eight (28) days prior to the end of that teams schedule league play.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE PLAY-OFF SCHEDULE
                1.4               The Club can only assign new players to a team. The Club may delegate the authority for placing players onto teams in their respective league, to the league Convenor or office staff.
1.5      All registration for youth teams are on a first come first serve basis.  Once the team has reached the maximum of 18 players, the remaining registrations will be placed on a waiting list.  


Rule 2  League Convenors

              2.1               League Convenors shall be the official representatives to the Executive Committee.
                2.2               Upon the request of the Executive Committee, the Convenor will investigate any complaint, dispute or violation of the Rules and Regulations by teams.


Rule 3  Coaches

                3.1               All teams must have an adult (18 years of age or over) coach. It is recommended that the coach as completed, as a minimum, an OSA technical child clinic (Level 1) certification. For teams playing on full-size field, it is expected that coaches will have completed an OSA technical youth clinic (Level 2) certification.
                3.2               The coach is responsible for the conduct and safety of players while at the field/park.
                3.3               There must be one adult (normally the coach) present at all youth games (18 and under). If the coach cannot be present, another adult must be appointed to assume the coaches responsibilities.
                3.4               Coaches will not automatically add players to their recreational teams, or switch players amongst themselves, or change game dates and times without the Club's permission.
                3.5               All coaches must have a Police check before being allowed to coach.
                3.6               The Club shall appoint all coaches.
                3.7               All coaches are required to fill out a “Coach Registration form” (to be provided by the club).
                3.8               A coach found to be abusive (physically or verbally) will be suspended and subject to further sanctions by the Club’s Discipline Committee.


Rule 4  Transfer & Movement of Players

                 4.1              A player must play in age appropriate divisions for all mini soccer divisions.  A youth player may play in an age group one playing level above their age upon approval of the club.  Permission will be denied if the player’s absence is a detriment to the team in their proper age division.
                4.2              Movement of any youth player will only be considered after the last day of regular registration dates, which is set by the club.
                4.3              After a player has been assigned to a team and wishes to be moved to another team, he/she or the parent/guardian may apply to the Club in writing to have the player moved to another team. The reasons for wishing to change in teams must be stated. The decision of the Club is final.
                4.4              Individual lower league players may be brought up to the next level for a maximum of six games in any one season. Such players will only be permitted to play if the team is short of players at the start of the game (a shortage is defined as there being 2 or less substitutes available for players on the field). The underage player must be identified to the referee.
                4.5              Any player called up must be played for an equal share of the game as per WNSNO policy. 
                4.6              When a coach calls up from another team, the following procedure must be followed.
                4.6.1          The requesting coach will call the convenor advising them of the call up.
                4.6.2          The requesting coach will call the other team coach as early as possible to indicate the details of the request and seek advice and names of potential call up players.
                4.6.3          The requesting coach should then contact the parent.  Should the parent or player not feel comfortable with the call up, try someone else.  The called up player must be identified to the referee, and identified on the game card.
                4.6.4          No call ups can be used during playoffs.


Rule 5  Game Officials

                5.1               The Club shall be responsible for the referees for its league operation.
                5.2               The Club will select, schedule, provide training and pay all referees.
                5.3               The game fees as paid to the game officials shall be set by the WNSNO.
                5.4               The minimum age for referees is fourteen (14) years of age. 
                5.5               Game reports should be in the hands of the club administrator within 48 hours of the end of the game, weekend and statutory holidays excepted.
                5.6               No referee shall be paid for a game until the club administrator receives the game report. No referee will be paid if a game card is handed in                                 after 96 hours.
                5.7               The Director of Officiating or a Board designate will assign referees to games.
                5.8               The referee is the sole timekeeper.
                5.9               The referee must be at the game field 10 minutes prior to the scheduled game.
                5.10            If a referee fails to show up for a game, then a registered referee qualified for that level attending the game may, with his/her agreement officiate the game without the teams consent.  The NO SHOW referee will be fined the cost of the game.
                5.11            If a person who is a registered referee but not qualified for the level of game in question is to be used, then both teams must agree to his/her use. Once appointed to do the game in question on an emergency basis, this referee shall be accorded all the rights of a properly qualified referee for that level. All decisions by this referee are final

Rule 6  Harassment

6.1               Any player, coach, assistant coach, manager or team supporter who, impedes, harasses or intimidates the referee, players or coaches may be subject to disciplinary action.
                6.2               Any member of a team's support party who refuses a referee's request to leave the field/park area will cause the game to be abandoned and forfeit by the offending team, and disciplinary action may follow.
                6.3               Any referee, player, coach, assistant coach, manager or team supporter who, impedes, harasses or intimidates the office staff may be subject to disciplinary action.


Rule 7  Ineligible Players

                 7.1               In the event a team is suspected of playing an ineligible player or players, the referee shall be notified. The referee shall record the name of the team and the players, and will report the matter to the referee coordinator. If the team is found to have played an ineligible player the game will be forfeited.
                7.2               Coaches are not to play any individual whose name does not appear on the official team list provided by the Club. A coach found playing an unregistered individual will be immediately suspended from the team, until it is dealt with the Discipline Committee.


Rule 8  Player Ejections and Discipline

                 8.1               If a player is ejected from the game by the referee, the player will not be replaced at the next permissible substitution. A player ejected from the game shall miss the following game, as well.
                8.2               All cautions (yellow cards) and ejections (red cards) shall be reported to the referee coordinator and the appropriate Convenor.
                8.3               A player must be allowed to discover the reason he/she was cautioned or ejected from the game.
                8.4               A player may phone/contact the office 3 working days after the game took place (the referee has 2 working days to file a report from the end the game) and ask for a copy of the referee's report (verbal or in writing). The player may then decline a hearing or request to attend a hearing of the discipline committee. If a player fails to contact the club administrator for the above, then that player is understood to have declined the opportunity to attend the hearing. The discipline may then take place by review.
                8.5               There is no right of appeal of a decision handed out by review.
                8.6               Persons reported for misconduct that request a hearing must appear at the NEXT scheduled discipline hearing after the request for a hearing was submitted. Failure to not appear after requesting a hearing shall result in immediate suspension from all games until that player requests a hearing in writing and his/her discipline case is heard.  The Discipline Committee must inform the player as to the next scheduled discipline hearing. 
                8.7               A coach who suspends any player for serious disciplinary purpose must report the matter at least 5 days before the game(s) for which the suspension applies.


Rule 9  Scheduled Time & Abandoned Games

                 9.1             All games will be played as scheduled unless cancelled:                                                                                                                                                                     

                                        i)  At the discretion of the referee due to weather, field or light conditions (see 9.1..1)

                                        ii) At the discretion of the league Convenor up to 1 hour prior to the scheduled game.
                    9.1.1       In the event of rain, all games will kick off at their regular scheduled time. Games are not cancelled or re-scheduled due to rain. Only the Referee or the Director of Operations has the authority to cancel games.  Weather conditions can change rapidly and will vary from Sturgeon Falls to North Bay.  Games will not be cancelled due to extreme heat or humidity                    
                    9.1.2          Adverse Weather Guidelines (from Ontario Soccer Association).  Use the Flash to Bang method to monitor lightning for evacuation of the playing field to a safer environment. With this method the seconds are counted from the time a flash of lightning is seen until a clap of thunder is heard. When this number is 30 seconds or less, evacuation of the field should get under way. Lightning awareness should begin with the first flash of lightning seen or thunder clap heard. Large enclosed structures (substantially constructed buildings) tend to be much safer than smaller or open structures.  If however, such a building is not available, fully enclosed vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, vans, fully enclosed farm vehicles, etc. with the windows rolled up provide good shelter from lightning. Never stand under trees, in an open field or under an umbrella. The game should not be restarted until 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder was heard or the last flash of lightning was seen. “If you can see it (lightning) flee it; if you can hear it (thunder) clear it."
                     9.2            If the referee stops the game due to weather, field or light conditions, he/she must wait 15 minutes to see if the game can be restarted. If the game cannot be restarted, then the referee must report such to the Club in writing.
                    9.3               If a league game cannot be restarted for any of the reasons above, then the game result at the time when the game was abandoned will stand as final IF more than 2/3 of the game has been played. The game in question will be replayed in full if 2/3 or less than 2/3 of the game has been played.
                    9.4               The referee shall be the sole judge as to how much time was played.
                    9.5               The referee shall report in writing to the Club any instance of fan behavior, which results in the abandonment of a game. The Discipline and Appeals Committee shall decide the result of the game or if the game has to be replayed. (Note the committee can award the game to the team that was losing at the time the game was abandoned if it sees fit). If the Discipline Committee decides that the game is to be replayed, then the whole game must be replayed.
                    9.6               The game shall be a forfeit if a team cannot field the minimum number of players at the start of scheduled game time, where the minimum number of players is as follows:
                                        i)      Mini-field - 5 (4 plus a keeper)
                                        ii)    Intermediate field - 6 (5 plus a keeper)
                                        iii)   Full-size field – 8
                    9.7               Both teams are required to be at the venue and ready to begin play for the official kick-off time prescribed in the schedule. A five (5) minute grace period is allowed before the game is awarded to the team in attendance. Coaches are asked to report such an incident to the Convenor.


    Rule 10  Recommended Number of Players

                     10.1            Teams playing on mini-fields (U6) shall play 3 per side (no goalkeeper). 
                    10.2            Teams playing on mini-fields (U8) shall play 6 per side (5 players and a goalkeeper). 
                    10.3            Teams playing on midi-fields (U11) shall play 8 per side (7 players and a goalkeeper), (U12) shall play 9 per side (8 players and a goalkeeper.) 
                    10.4            Teams playing on full-sized fields (U11-U18) shall play 11 per side (10 players and a goalkeeper).
                    10.5           One coach will be allowed on the field for U6 teams playing on mini-fields. However, coaches must not be between the ball and their own team's goal.  
                    10.6           In the interest of fair play, if a team cannot field a full team, the opposing coach will reduce the number of players they would field.  


    Rule 11  Players Equipment


    11.1            Player's equipment will consist of numbered sweaters, shorts, socks, shin guards, and shoes. Soccer shoes must conform to FIFA rules. Running shoes with good treads may be used.
                    11.2            Sweaters must be tucked in and shin guards must be covered while player is on the field.
                    11.3            No jewelry or hair clips will be worn while on the field.
                    11.4            Ball size is determined by the age category, as follows:
                                        i)        U6, U8 - Size 3
                                        ii)      U10, U11, U12 - Size 4
                                        iii)     U13 and “UP” - Size 5


    Rule 12  Duration of Games


    12.1            Regulation time for all games will follow the format below:
                                        i) Under 10 and younger - 25 minute halves
                                        ii)Under 11 - 30 minute halves
                                        iii)Under 12 - 35 minute halves
                                        iv) Under 14 - 40 minute halves
                                        v)Under 16 and "UP"   - 45 minute halves


    Rule 13  Substitution


    13.1            Leagues U6 to U12; Substitutions can be made at all stoppages.
                    13.2            All other leagues: Substitution can be made by a team on its own throw-in, plus all goal kicks, kickoffs and injuries.
                    13.3            Goalkeepers substitutions will be done at halftime only.


    Rule 14  Off sides


    14.1            No off sides will be applied to games with U6 to U8.
                    14.2            Deliberate off sides will called in the U11 and U12.
                    14.3            FIFA off side rules apply to all other league games.


    Rule 15  Free Kicks


    15.1            The distance of opposing players from the ball during free kicks are as follows:
                                        i)                   Mini-field - 7 meters, or goal line if necessary
                                        ii)                  Midi-field - 8 meters, or goal line if necessary
                                        iii)                Full-size field - 9 meters, or goal line if necessary


    Rule 16  Sliding Kicks and Tackles


    16.1            Sliding kicks and tackles are prohibited during games played U6-U8.
                    16.2            Penalty for sliding tackles where no contact with opponent is made is an indirect kick. If contact is made; a direct kick or a penalty kick (if inside the penalty area) will be awarded.


    Rule 17  Bench Area


    17.1            The bench area shall be deemed to be one meter from the touchline and ten meters from each side of center.
                    17.2            Coaches, managers and substitute players shall be restricted to that area.
                    17.3            Fans and parents are not allowed in the bench area.
                    17.4            Both team bench areas should be on the same side.


    Rule 18  Shoot Outs


    18.1            Where penalty shots are required to decide a winner of the game, the following procedure will apply:
                                         i)    Players on the field at the end of the regular playing time are to take penalty shots.
                                         ii)   Teams will select five (5) players to shoot alternately.
                                         iii) If teams are still tied after each team has taken their first five (5) shots, then the sixth (6) and subsequent penalty shots become sudden death. For example, if one kicker scores and the opposing kicker fail to score, the game is over.
                    18.2            A player from the first five (5) cannot be used again until the team has used all its players that were on the field at the end of playing time.


    Rule 19  Playing Time in Games


    19.1            All players are expected to play in all games they attend.
                    19.2            All players are required to play an equal share of the game.
                    19.3            No player can be denied playing time because of poor technical skills.
                    19.4            A player removed from the game by a coach for disciplinary reasons may return to the game as the coach sees fit and a letter of explanation to be given to the Club's Head Coach. 
                    19.5            Failure by a coach to abide by these rules shall result in a request to comply on the first proven incident. A coach may be dismissed for any subsequent proven incident.


    Rule 20  Protests


    20.1            The Discipline Committee shall hear all protests. The exception to this may be in Tournaments where a member of the Executive committee shall be empowered under the Tournament rules to hear such appeals and handle such discipline as needed.
                    20.2            All protests shall be writing and shall be in the hands of the Discipline Committee or Club Administrator within 48 hours of the end of the game in question, weekends and statutory holidays excepted.
                    20.3            The protest fee must accompany the written protest.  The Board of Directors will set the protest fee annually.
                    20.4            A written receipt of the protest/appeal shall be given (date/time/person).
                    20.5            A copy of the protest must be sent to the person or team or game official protested against. Such copy shall be hand delivered by a member of the Club.


    Rule 21  Appeals of Decisions


    21.1            Subject to the delegation of the Discipline and Appeals to the member organizations of Soccer North East Ontario, appeals of discipline, protest or decisions of the Board shall be made to the OSA. This is subject to the R&R as set out in the OSA Administrative guide.


    Rule 22  Tournaments


    22.1            NEW tournaments to be sanctioned by this Club shall have their rules and regulations, entry fees, appeal and discipline procedures accepted by the Board.
                    22.2            A request to host a tournament must be sanctioned by Soccer North East.
                    22.3            All requests to host a NEW tournament must be made to the Club the year prior to hosting the tournament.
                    22.4            Teams automatically agree to such tournament Rules &Regulations by entering the tournament provided that the team received a copy of the Rules &Regulations prior to entering the tournament.


    Rule 23  League Championship


    23.1            In league competition, 3 points shall be awarded for a win, 2 point for a tie, and one point for a loss.
                    23.2            In the event of a tie in points for any league position at the end of a leagues playing season, the final position in the league will be decided by any one of the following criteria in order:
                                         i)            The team with the largest goal difference from ALL league games. (Goal difference shall be defined as the goals scored for and against.
                                        ii)            The team who scored the most goals in all league games.
                                        iii)            If a team is still tied, then there will be a game played to decide who takes the higher position. Overtime and penalty shots will be used if necessary.
                    23.3            The Club shall decide the play-off arrangements when the total number of teams in the league is known. These play-off arrangements shall be published in the leagues schedule.
                    23.4            All recreational teams shall make the play-offs.
                    23.5            Select or competitive teams playing in a league higher shall not be included in that league play-off schedule.
                    23.6            No call-ups can be used during playoff games. 
                    23.7            All play-off games shall be on a one (1) game knockout basis. A winner must be declared from this game. If the two teams are tied at the end of regulation time, then there shall be two equal halves played in overtime (10-minute halves). If the teams are still tied after the two overtime halves, then the penalty shots shall be taken as per Rule 18.


    Rule 24  Trophies and Awards


    24.1            All leagues will be awarded medals for its league winners and its play-off winners.


    Rule 25  Sponsorship


    25.1            The Club shall authorize sponsorship for the teams.
                    25.2            Coaches/Managers are NOT to approach sponsors who currently sponsor teams in the Club without prior approval of the Club.

    Rule 26  Refunds


    26.1       Request for refunds must be made in writing with receipt.  If a uniform was issued, it must also be returned.  WNSNO will only process requests for refunds that are received BEFORE the first scheduled game for the Summer Outdoor Program.  All refund cheques will be processed and mailed after June 30.  Club administration fees, missing uniforms and any fees paid to leagues or governing bodies shall also be withheld.  The Director of Registration or the Executive will deal with such requests on a case-by-case basis.
                    26.2         All requests for refund must be submitted in writing or by e-mail to the WNSNO office: .
                    26.3         Refund requests made by phone will not be accepted. 
                    26.4         All refunds are subject to a $25 administration fee. Players on waiting lists will receive a full refund if they are not placed.
    26.5 There are no refunds for credit card fees.

    Rule 27                     

    27.1            The full Volunteer Screening Manual is available WNSNO website.
                    27.2            All team officials who work with youth shall be subject to volunteer screening as defined by the Ontario Soccer Association.  There are three classifications of volunteers:
                                        ·         High risk position - includes representative team officials, all-star team officials and “select team” officials. Before initial assignment to a team, all must complete an application form, provide references to be checked by Club, be interviewed by the selection committee and provide a criminal records check.  The criminal records check shall be renewed every three years. 
                                        ·         Medium risk position- includes recreational team officials in the 16-19 age category.  Before initial assignment to a team, all must complete an application form and provide a criminal records check.  The criminal records check shall be renewed every three years. 
                                        ·         Low risk position - all other house league officials shall submit an application form. 
                    27.3            Criminal Records Check.  Approved March 15, 2005.
                                        ·         No person shall attend any tryout session, team practice, or game in any team-official capacity until such time as a clean Criminal Records Check has been submitted to the Club.
                                        ·         In the event that a coach submits a CRC with evidence of wrongful activity, no involvement with any team will be permitted until the Club has undertaken further inquiries and has authorized the coach’s involvement.  The CRC shall be forwarded to the President for action as appropriate, including but not limited to investigation by the Incident Committee Chair.  The volunteer shall be required to submit a waiver form to allow the release of record of convictions to the Club.  Should the coach choose to withdraw his/her application, no further inquiries will be undertaken by the Club.


    Rule 28  Changes to Rules & Regulations


    28.1            The Club may from time to time introduce and enforce new regulations that are not covered in these Rules and Regulations.  
                    28.2            The Club may by motion at an AGM or at a Special General Meeting called for that reason introduce new rules and regulations or change or delete old rules and regulations. In such cases a simple majority of accredited delegates at such meetings shall be required to change the Rules and Regulations.
                    28.3            The Club may set fines for non-compliance with certain of its rules. Such fines are to be published prior to each season.

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